Why doesn't my iPad's display rotate?

2 Years Ago

iPad's offer the ability to lock the orientation of your device to avoid accidental rotation at times.

Go to your Settings and General. You'll find the orientation lock there as well as an option to choose whether your side switch locks rotation or mutes the iPad.

If you're running iOS7, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center which has a button to toggle orientation lock when the side switch is used for muting.

If I import pictures from my iPad to my laptop and choose erase after import, will it erase the pics from my iPad?

2 Years Ago

Yes. The pictures will remain on your laptop, but will remove all imported pictures from your iPad. No pictures not already imported will be removed. You can easily put pictures back on your iPad selectively.

How do I turn off the subject line one messages?

2 Years Ago

To turn off the subject for your text messages, simply go to your Settings app. Scroll down to Messages, then scroll down to Show Subject Field and turn it off.

How do I get the Emoji icons in my text messages?

2 Years Ago

Go to your Settings.app, then scroll down to Keyboards. Tap Keyboards again to see a list of installed Keyboards. Select Add New Keyboard... and find Emoji in the list.

Now from Message.app, you'll see a small globe on your keyboard next to the space bar. Tap that to switch to your Emoji keyboard.

How do I delete a contact?

2 Years Ago

From either your Contacts.app or Phone.app you can select the contact to delete, then tap Edit in the top right corner. Scroll to the view bottom and you'll see a button to delete the contact for good.

How do I create new favorite gestures using Assistive Touch?

2 Years Ago

Once Assistive Touch is turned on, tap the star to access your favorite gestures.

You'll see nine favorite slots, 8 of which come unset with new iOS devices. Simply tap one of the plus icons and you'll see a new screen to create a new favorite gesture.

In the gray area, drag your fingers to record a new gesture. You'll see blue lines representing your created gesture. When you're finished with the gesture you can tap save and give it a name, or you can tap stop and re-record the gesture to get it just right.

To use your newly created gesture, open Assistive Touch, tap favorites, and your new custom gesture will be there ready to select.

How do I change my Apple ID account password?

2 Years Ago

Simply go to https://iforgot.apple.com on any device and follow the prompts to reset your password. You can have the password reset emailed to your Apple ID, or choose to answer some security questions you created.

How do I add a nothing iCloud account to my iPhone 5c?

3 Years Ago

After adding your iCloud account when prompted during set up, or by going to Settings >> iCloud. Simply go into Settings >> iCloud if you aren't already there and you'll see a range of switches allowing you to turn of individual iCloud features or all of them using your iCloud only for iMessage at that point.

iCloud is a powerful tool that offers a lot of functionality for free. It is not recommended to turn it off, however it is easily possible. You don't need an iCloud account at all to use an iPhone effectively.

How do I connect my iPhone to my home wifi?

3 Years Ago

You'll need to go into your Settings then Wifi. You'll be able to turn it on and see near by networks. Simply tap on your network and enter a password if necessary.

It's worth noting that wifi supports hidden networks as well. So if you've set your network to hidden, you'll need to tap other networks and enter the network name manually.

Also, wifi has multiple standards throughout the years. Each iPhone supports the latest standard from the year it was released. If your iPhone is too new for your wifi or your wifi too new for your iPhone, there could be compatibility issues. Likely this relates to 2.4GHz vs 5GHz. A setting on newer routers. The iPhone 4S and under support 2.4GHz while the iPhone 5 and newer support 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

How do you fix an iPhone 3G with no signal?

3 Years Ago

One of the first and easiest things you can do is update your software. Apple releases free, iOS updates available through iTunes. These updates often include fixes and performance improvements for both the phone and its firmware.

Carriers also update their software from time to time. These carrier updates normally download automatically, but if they don't you can go to Settings > General > About to manually trigger them. Learn more about Carrier Updates here.

Though its not likely the issue if you have no signal, having GPS and Wifi turned on can help improve wireless signal if you're just having problems with poor signal. These can both be found in your settings.

Lastly, check the Settings > Cellular section. These have several options such as roaming and turning off 3G. If for some reason 3G/LTE is turned off, well thats your problem. But you would have needed to turn it off to start with so this is likely not the case.

If nothing has worked so far, it could be a hardware problem. A quick trip to the Apple Store should pinpoint the problem for free, though a fix may cost you if you're out of warranty or its accidental damage.